Our Vision: to champion, strengthen and support the volunteer sector of Cape Breton.
Our Mission: Acting as a voice for the voluntary sector, we shall foster a culture of mutual support.

The Cape Breton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CBCVO) is an umbrella organization of charitable, non-profit and voluntary organizations working together to improve their impact on the health and vitality of the Cape Breton community. Similar to the Chamber of Commerce concept, the Chamber of Voluntary Organizations provides opportunities of networking, support, collaboration, and a voice for the voluntary sector. Established in 2005 following well-attended sector meetings, CBCVO helped to raise alarm about a “quiet crisis” in the voluntary, not-for-profit sector. Several issues common to sector organizations were identified including: volunteer recruitment and retention, leadership, and the inability to access the support and advice needed.

As an organization our core values include:

  • Communication.
  • Inclusiveness.
  • Transparency.
  • Collaboration.

Our Goals for the coming year(s):

  1. Dialogue with other sectors, including business, government and labour.
  2. Facilitate networking and sharing of information and resources.
  3. Articulate the views of the voluntary sector, and have input in public policy.
  4. Mobilize and engage the voluntary sector around issues of common concern.
  5. Promote partnerships and collaboration.
  6. Champion the value of the voluntary sector and raise public awareness of issues facing the sector.
  7. Develop the capacity of the volunteer groups to manage their activities.
  8. Assist volunteer organizations in achieving the highest possible standards of practice and effectiveness.

10 things we do:

  1. We organize learning opportunities for volunteers and organizations,
  2. We post information on our web site www.cbcvo.ca ,
  3. We host web sites and provide training for small nonprofits,
  4. We supply information to voluntary groups via our mailing list,
  5. We organize and host national groups who visit the local area,
  6. We work with the ‘network of networks’ in Nova Scotia,
  7. We advocate on behalf of volunteers and organizations in the local media,
  8. We host conferences on volunteer issues and solutions,
  9. We have sponsored special projects on volunteering,
  10. We started the discussion around creating a community foundation,
  11. We created a charter for the voluntary sector.

(OK, that’s 11 things)

CBCVO Information Sheet 2013