December 5th is International Volunteer Day (IVD). This day is an annual global celebration of volunteers and a chance for volunteers and organizations to communicate their values, celebrate their efforts, and to recognize their hard work among communities, non-governmental organizations and the private sector.

International Volunteer Day is a day to pay special tribute to the participation of volunteers who make a difference not only locally, but also nationally and globally. Volunteers are the leaders of social change around the world and IVD promotes all the hard work and dedication of volunteers at all levels around the world.

Join together on December 5th in the recognition of the commitments of volunteers and applaud the countless number of people who volunteer every single day to help make a change.

We would like to say THANK YOU! To all the volunteers who make a difference each and every day. To learn more about International Volunteer Day and how you can contribute, visit: http://www.volunteeractioncounts.org/en/